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Kilauea Eruption June 2023

Awesome news!

Kilauea is erupting again as of June 7th, 2023. What does that mean? -

That means the lava is flowing in the caldera and active again.

What does it not mean? Panic! Please, don't panic. This is entirely normal for Kilaea and in fact prior to the last eruption that did get out of the caldera, Kilauea was erupting in it's caldera for about 35 years.

So, it seems we are "back to normal" with Kilauea and hopefully we will stay this way for another 35 years.

For the folks with asthma- historically there hasn't been worse air quality on the island as compared to say a big city(except for the area of Volcano)

To check it out, you will want to see it at night time so you can see the awesome show of the red glowing lava as it's generally hard to see during sunlight. Best to go before sunrise if possible as there are less crowds.

Below, i have some links to the Volcano nation park, USGS, etc for more info.

Enjoy your visit to the worlds most active volcano!


More up to date info is best to find on the Volcano National Park Facebook page: Up to the minute photos of Kilauea:

Joe's quick blurb about the eruption-

Live camera of Kilauea below (Courtesy of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory)-

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