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Best manta snorkel and Captain Cook snorkel

Updated: 2 days ago

We had a chance to finally go out with the crew at Dolphin Discoveries.

To book the Captain Cook snorkel, click here: Dolphin Discoveries Captain Cook

To book the night manta snorkel, click here: Dolphin Discoveries Night Manta Snorkel

We took some videos-

Part 1- Dolphin Discoveries checking in. Talking to the staff about wetsuit rentals, snorkel rentals

part 2- - why we think Dolphin Discoveries @dolphindiscoverieshi is the best Captain Cook snorkel

Part 3- Interview with Captain Shelly at Dolphin Discoveries about Manta snorkel. Best snorkel tour company in Kona

Part 4- Interviewing Jenny first mate with @dolphindiscoverieshi about Captain Cook snorkel tour. - best Captain Cook snorkeling tour company in Kona

Part 5 - 4000 knots!!!??? This is an AMAZING boat ride. We got to snorkel at Captain Cook monument. This is the best boat ride I've been on since I can remember

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