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Joe here. Thought I'd ramble about rental cars in Kona a bit. 

We often see travelers asking about car rental agencies in Kona and rental agencies at the Kona airport (KOA airport)

I thought I'd post some more common questions and things we see often to try and help you decide the best car rental agency in Kailua Kona for you and your traveling crew.

Disclaimer- we happen to like our service at Big Island Jeep Rental so I'm a little biased here ;)

Some common questions about car rental agencies -

Question- How far away is the resort from the car rental agencies? 

Answer- most "resorts" in kona are actually at Waikaloa Beach area about 45 minutes north of the airport. We get calls and reservations all the time from folks staying at Hiloton and other resorts in Waikaloa asking to change their reservations to pickup when they land as they had not realized the Waikaloa beach area is so far away. Imagine taking a $80 cab ride to your resort and then back to pickup your car the next day?!


Question- Do we need a rental car when we arrive at the kona airport?

Answer- Yes, I'd say so. How much is your time worth while on vacation? We say grab your rental car when you arrive so you can wake up and do your thing in the morning. 

Question- How long are the waits at the Kona airport rental agencies?

Answer- Well, depends on who you ask, what time of year, what time of day, etc. 

I have heard stories about waiting in line for hours at some places. Kids screaming, no food, drinks, etc. Some folks can roll right in, grab a car and go. While other have told us they spent 30 mins waiting for a shuttle, only to find another 2 hour long line at the on-airport corporate agencies (avis, budget, thrifty, enterprise, etc)

Question- Do rental car agencies sell out and overbook?

Answer- YES! they do! We hear from employees at the corp compmanies say they overbook by 20% just in case of cancellations. Who cancels a trip to hawaii?! not 20% of folks, that's fer sure.  

Question - Are there discounts available for rental cars like Kayak and Priceline?

Answer-Yes there are but we don't like the discount sites. Just today, a lady from Washington said she booked a car and when she showed up, they didn't have her car.

In this case, she booked a car at Enterprise in Waikaloa and the Enterprise there closed at 2PM and she had to cab  back to the KOA airport. 

Now in this case, this wasn't the fault of Enterprise but the fault of the discount website that took her booking - we see this all the time. If it's a great deal, it's indeed too good to be true. Always book direct when you can. 

Question- Is Turo a good option for a rental car in Hawaii?

Answer- I have a love/hate relationship with Turo. Mostly because Turo at the airport is illegal. (yes, that's correct)

We do absolutely support local and refer folks to Turo all the time. The catch here is that if you get caught getting a Turo car at Kona airport, it's a hefty fine and penalty, 

While Turo is a pretty good option for some folks, do check your insurance coverages to see if Turo is allowed or not covered. 

Question- Which is the best rental car agency in kona?

Answer- of course! Here's why:

5 star rated for 7 years in a row now.

Cool custom Jeeps and rental cars

We are just 5-8 minutes across the street from the airport , so no crazy airport concession fees and taxes. We are a fully licensed rental car agency. 

From start to finish, you can be off the plane and in your car or jeep full of pre-loaded beach gear (free BTW) and headed to the beach while other folks are still waiting for a shuttle at the airport. 

And did I mention we LOVE helping folks out with their trips? Beaches, hikes, restaurants, etc. we are your little island guides to help you with what we can while you are visiting us. 

Question- Is Joe really the coolest guy in Kona?

Answer- Let's see if my web guy notices me monkeying around with my site today ;)

Aloha and Mahalo,


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