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What are the Jeep differences between types of Jeeps? Sahara, Willy's, Rubicon, Sport, etc

Updated: Mar 16

Aloha! Joe here at Big Island Jeep Rental.

I thought I'd try to explain the differences between Jeep types like Rubicon Willy's, Saharah, etc.

The cool thing about Jeeps are the many varieties of what you get.

Jeeps are one of the most customizable vehicles in history.

Some basics, then we will get into the types-

All Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators are real 4x4 with a 4-low transfer case (needed for Mauna Kea).

Wranglers come in 2-door and 4-door(4-door jeeps are called "unlimited"

Gladiators are all 4-door

Renegades are compact SUVs and not your classic Wrangler style, more of a compact SUV. Nothing crazy cool about them but they are better than a mid-size car.

Ok, back to trims and types

Your most trim models for wranglers are-

Sport -pretty basic

Willy's - will usually come with off-road tires, some extra bells and whistles. The new 2024 Willy's edition has some upgrades over the previous years. Check out the video below

Sahara - More on the deluxe side. Usually upgraded sound system, leather seats, color matched fenders, upgraded cooler look. The Sahara is going to be more of a quiet cruiser but still of course is more than capable off-road

Rubicon- this is the bad boy. Rubicons come lifted higher out of the factory. Typically with bigger tires, more aggressive look, and better trim (sound system, interior, etc)

The Rubicon is at the top of the trim list, and the most expensive

Then you have everything in between. You'll have special editions where some are based on a sport model with some extra features, and some are based on the sahara model with extra features, etc.

Here's a walk around of a 2024 Jeep Wrangler Willy's:

Here's a walk around of a 4XE Sahara hybrid:

Here's a video of a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4XE:

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