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Do you need a Jeep in Hawaii?

Ok, so this question comes up a lot - Do you need a jeep in Hawaii?

Is a rental car ok? Well, if you are cruising Facebook and asking, most people will tell you "the cheapest car rental is at xyz". But you didn't ask for the cheapest car rental. You wouldn't go all the way to Hawaii, sit at a fancy bar at a hotel and ask the bartender "Hey, what's' the cheapest drink?" - I think you see my point.

Do you need a Jeep? Yes, Jeeps are pretty handy to have to get you to places a regular car won't go. - (Mauna Kea comes to mind)

Plus, Jeeps are convertible. If you want a convertible and want to go to the beach with a bunch of chairs, umbrellas, coolers, other passengers, etc., a car is going to suck.

Of note- we do have rentals cars. They are Jeep Renegades. Those of us hardcore Jeepers don't really consider Renegades as Jeeps as they are more compact but they are still better than a economy sedan or regular car. They are 4x4 and still off the ground a bit higher than a standard car.

So, do you need a Jeep? Yes and no, Do you need a Mai tai? No. Do you need a massage? no. I can go on for days about this.

Ok, there's my "why are Jeeps need on Big Island" rant.

Here's some videos for the visual:

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