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Kona airport status update February 16th, 2024 Is the Kona airport open? Is KOA shutdown or closed?

Updated: Feb 16

I just got a call from someone in Hilo (other airport 1.5 hours away) asking about a car. They said they flew into Hilo because they heard the Kona airport was closed?! They actually changed their entire itinerary to Hilo because of what they heard about the airport shutting down the other day..

I thought I'd play news anchor here and hit the streets to get a first hand look at the action.


Is the Kona airport shutdown? No. They are doing some repairs of the runway overnight and on Tuesday, Feb 13th, there was a truck or something that broke and caused delays that morning.

There may be delays here and there in the mornings if things come up but the airport is definitely not shut down

We took some videos of this "airport shutdown" today:

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